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READ MORE Utilizing innovative tools and methods, I help those who serve others to overcome obstacles, and generate actionable plans to build pathways to success.

Our Services

We help leaders and their teams get unstuck and find their way back to the place where they are fated to be.


We create a space for leaders to process their unique challenges and find a way forward.


We offer unparalleled organizational insight and increased awareness around organizational effectiveness.


We develop and provide unique training resources to help build team synergy and create consistent language.

As a leader, it is tough to admit when you’re stuck. This is because we spend our lives learning to adapt, cope and push through nearly any situation. The downside of this however is that sometimes, it comes with a price. That price being your quality of life and work. Here at TriCycle CCT we help leaders and their teams to get unstuck; find their motivation and get back on track.

Are you a leader in a church or business? That’s a position full of responsibility and daily stressors. Leading a group of people can be overwhelming. And whether you’re a leader of a corporation or a ministry, each has its own unique set of challenges.

An ideal leader should be physically capable, emotionally stable, mentally balanced, and spiritually centered. However, we’re all human so we don’t always have life figured out. This means there will be times in your career where you are going to feel lost and unsure where to go for answers.

Where does a person in charge get help? Sometimes, you don’t even realize that you’re stranded in that place; you just know that something has to give.

Here at Tricycle CCT we help leaders overcome obstacles their way. We do this by providing corporate and ministry coaching geared towards helping our clients recognize and overcome blind spots in their day-to-day operations.

We believe that leaders should have a confidant who will support them as they lead others. Tricycle CCT’s goal is to help restore the cool, calm, and collected leader that you are, with the help of someone who truly understand the unusual challenges and stresses that come with your work.


Feeling stagnant or stuck in a place where you don't know how to get out? Are you exhausted and starting to feel like you're losing interest and capability to do your work? Does the emptiness you feel make you unable to cope?

Christian leadership coaching will guide you in life and help you achieve your personal/professional goals. Are you feeling like you're losing your way? Are you trying your hardest to stay grounded, but the many obstacles you face every day have you feeling overwhelmed and unable to keep up the course? Is the weight of being the shepherd of your flock starting to feel too heavy to bear? Is the guilt of even having those thoughts causing even more emotional turmoil for you? Tricycle CCT is here for you. We offer specialized Ministry Coaching that is the perfect solution for your situation.

Group coaching

It's hard for a leader to be at their best every day, 100% of the time. It's hard for anyone to do that because balancing life and work is a tough job. As your partner and confidant, we'll help you balance your time, energy, and tasks so you get more done without sacrificing your family and the work you're required to do.

Group coaching involves managing your team, organization, or church to create a life-work balance. We tailor your experience based on your needs and provide leadership, life, group, and team development coaching. We have everything you need. We create a free space for leaders to process their challenges and find a way forward. Stress and anxiety can be part of the job, but our goal is to never let them overwhelm you. I'm a life coach in Charlotte, NC, serving leaders across the globe, bringing awareness to different areas in your life, and unlocking abilities you didn't know were there.


We all deal with different types of problems in life. Even if you are a counselor, there are times that you also need someone to give you expert advice from personal experiences.

We will be your church consultants who will help you understand and analyze challenging situations and provide solutions to problems like engaging with leadership transitions, tough conversations, losing a member, dealing with complicated people, and facing family struggles. Leadership requires acceptance of who you are, your strengths, and your shortcomings. We will always be honest with you as I believe it will help you face your challenges. Having a support system to walk with you as you lead your team will help you lessen your burdens. "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." – Albert Einstein.


Struggling to grow your organization, company, or church? Do you lack confidence in leading and developing people? Setting goals for your firm is difficult. Here at TriCycle, we will help you create healthy and reachable targets, guide you to align your goals with your mission and discern the path you need to take.

We are all uniquely made with different skills, abilities, and strengths. Training allows everyone to strengthen skills and excel in things they are good at. We will provide ministry leadership training that'll add value to you and your team. I believe every leader possesses extraordinary gifts, and developing them will benefit you personally and professionally. As you grow, your team also grows with you. We will give support to you and your organization as we continue to provide coaching and training. You already have what it takes locked inside you. We bring the keys to unlock the door to your greatness.

TriCycle CCT's mission

To teach you new leadership skills that will transform you into a leader that knows exactly how to maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses

As a leader, we want to be the catalyst for your success and celebrate with you. We look forward to serving you with our services and guiding you in your endeavors.

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